Linking minority talents remotely to work Startups with Startups

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How Remostart works?

"The future is remote and startups are harnessing this power to scale. Using Blockchain we remove hiring biases giving minorities equal access to remote jobs at startups."

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"We Know how hard getting quality talents is for early startups,founders,
entreprenuers and small business."

We know how hard it is for persons from under respresenting background, communities and entry level carrer persons to get jobs. So we created this remote platform that uses Blockchain to take away the biases, giving equal access to jobs"

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Remote Force

working image Its not just about linking talents its about equal opportunities for all irrespective of gender, age, background, level etc..
working image We are the only platform linking talents,with startup based on skill,passion and the character traits the talent possess

-ubio obu

working image As a talent no better place to start your career journey, but with startup who care less about products but on getting the more done.

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